Equipment Leasing

Your business can experience the many benefits of leasing– it is affordable, cost effective and saves you valuable time and effort.

Top Ten Reasons Why Leasing Makes Dollars (and Good Business Cents) for You!

  1. Affordable, fixed monthly payments
  2. 100% financing, lease-to-purchase plans
  3. $1 buyout at the end of the lease term
  4. Simplifies capital budgeting
  5. Improves cash flow management
  6. Keep your cash! Pay monthly, as your new system performs a service for you
  7. It’s easy to add-on equipment and system upgrades with our “Master Lease”
  8. It’s easy to apply – submit a one page application form
  9. It’s convenient – you never have to leave your office!
  10. Potential tax benefits (consult your tax advisor)



Our Last Resort Program will work with clients of ALL INDUSTRIES that have already been declined by A, B or C-Credit leasing programs. This program allows the lessee the following possibilities:

Lease terms for up to 62 months with purchase option at end of lease of 10% or FMV

Security deposits-if large-to be paid partially by pledging additional collateral in the form of free and clear equipment. All transactions will have a minimum of 5% as security deposit, owner operators 20% as security deposit and carriers 10% security deposit.

Co-signer: A co-signer is allowed in cases where the lessee’s FICO score does not fit the minimum FICO score of 560 required by this program. Co-signer does not have to be involved in the business. Co-signer should be willing to present two years of tax returns and a personal financial statement.

This program requires a minimum of 16% of the equipment lease as up-front payments and in the worst case scenario a maximum of 35% of the equipment lease amount as up-front payments . Some of these up-front payments are in the form of a security deposit which will be returned at end of lease.


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