Truckers want to get paid fast and so, it is important for them to send in the freight bills to their freight factor as quickly as possible. Occasionally, when faxed paperwork is submitted, many a times the documents are not clear enough to read, which delays the funding process. In the presence of clear and legible paperwork, the process of auditing becomes much faster. As a result, truckers can get paid earlier.


Mentioned below are two simple solutions that can be used by truck drivers to send their freight bills in a hassle free manner:

1. UPS or FedEx

In case your client requires originals then the best way to send in the paperwork to your freight bill factoring company is through UPS or FedEx discount programs. But make sure that a permanent tracking code is associated with your shipment. Remember, your freight bills are as good as the real money; so, be wary to track the shipment to prevent it from being lost.

2. TripPak EXPRESS Envelopes

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to FedEx then TripPak EXPRESS is the ideal solution for you. A highly convenient service, TripPak EXPRESS allows you to submit the paperwork of one load to your freight factor by dropping in the documents into a sealed TripPak EXPRESS envelope and then place it in a yellow TripPak EXPRESS box. The drivers can halt at over one thousand TripPak EXPRESS locations at various truck stops across nation to drop off these envelop.